Dear Blog, Here's Some News.

Hey, blog.

We haven’t spoken in a while, mostly because I’ve been too busy recording songs and keeping small humans alive and dressed and in school. I will make no apologies for that, because I am only one person, and there is only so much I can do. You understand.

I wanted to tell you something really, terribly, enormously important, though.

The album is done. Done done. Releasing on February 19 done.

Want to see?

#WinterKindofSpring #WKoS #HashtagsAplenty

#WinterKindofSpring #WKoS #HashtagsAplenty


I know, right? Can you believe that?

The last half of 2015 felt kind of like the end of a marathon (well, what I assume that would feel like, not being a runner of any type whatsoever). You know, where you can hardly breathe anymore and your legs feel like Jello and everyone seems to be passing you but you just need to FINISH, JUST FINISH ALREADY so you can be DONE and get a Gatorade and a sticker for your car.

And then, a little while later, after you can breathe again, you look back to the experience and think, OH MY GOSH I ACTUALLY DID THAT. AND I WASN’T TOO BAD AT IT, EITHER. And you feel proud of yourself and a little taller and like maybe it was worth all of the sweat and pain. And a little voice inside says, I knew you could do it. Like the little engine story you read to your kids.

It’s kind of like that. Only with less sweat and better music.

I can’t wait to tell you all of the stories. But if you want to preview the songs, you can click right here.

We’ll talk again soon.