journal entry // sweet spots + withdrawal

a throwback: some thoughts from my journal, late 2015

The sweet spot.

That perfect place where talents and passions and merge. In perfect timing.

here's a really helpful Venn diagram with some doodling

here's a really helpful Venn diagram with some doodling

I could not identify that sweet spot for much of my life. Then, in the last few years, I found it. That's a huge blessing and I am thankful.

I didn't know, though, that once I'd found the sweet spot I might have to leave it behind. Probably not forever, although there's really no way to tell, and there's a special little brand of fear to go along with that. But I've tasted, and I've seen, and now I'm just sitting here craving. And I don't know how to get back to that season, or if I should. It's so easy to become addicted to the sweet spot. My heart is so tricky.

Just like real sweets, I guess a steady diet of the sweet spot wouldn't be very good for me. Sugar is poison if you eat enough of it, anyways. Can anyone out there honestly tell me they would pick a Brussels sprout over a slice of chocolate cake based on taste alone? (Even you Whole 30 loyalists?) I freely admit that I need vegetable days in order to have a healthy life. They just taste awfully bland. Sometimes, even really sour - like orange juice after brushing your teeth.

Lord, I long for the sweet spot again. But for now, help me be grateful for vegetables.